The Security holographic seal provides an easy way for customers to identify the original products.

Integrated into this label are features and benefits such as :
1. Customised design
2. Hidden information
3. Embedded running numbers
4. Laser activated image
5. Nanotext
6. Enhance brand image
7. Affordable
8. Easily differentiated from the standard holograms

Serial Numbers Series

Warranty Seal Series

Warranty Seal Series

Warranty Seal Series

Security labels are mostly used to prevent tampering of products packaging.
The base material for security label is designed to leave tamper markings on the label upon attempted removal of the label
The security is further enhanced using printing techniques such as hidden information and running serial numbers.

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

Hot Stamped Labels

Documents such as cash vouchers, gift vouchers, tickets, letterheads and certificates can be easily duplicated.

Eastmade provides printing solution with security features such as :
1. Guilloche lines
2. Combined color serial numbers
3. Hidden codes
4. Security ink

Warranty Card

Security Vouchers

Security Transcript

Security Tickets

Full Color QR Code Online Tracking Label


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